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    • Movie: Eruption
    • Studio: TitanMen
    • Director: Bruce Cam
    • Updated: 2011-10-01
    • Length: 27:42
    • Preview Description:

    • The preview of Keith Webb in Coulter’s memory later gives way to Webb’s spiritlike emergence from crumbling ruins. Haunting and seductive, he looks on as the forms of Michael Vincenzo and Ethan Payne solidify from thin air. Payne and Vincenzo approach each other to meet in a deep kiss that lasts until Webb’s commanding presence intervenes. Payne takes the cue, dropping to his knees in awe of Webb’s tool. Initially hesitant, Vincenzo eases into the action until both he and Webb end up taking turns on Ethan’s hole. The lean bottom ends up covered in cum as Vincenzo pops two loads across Ethan’s chest in a matter of minutes and Webb drops a splattering load from above. They savor the mess briefly before treading down to the beach for a playful cleanup.

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