So You'd Like To Be A Model??
Model Application Instructions

This is your introduction to us. Please tell us what you really think and not what you think we want to hear. There are no wrong answers. This is also the information we use to pair you with other performers. Please refrain from general terms (hot, stud, etc) or descriptions of men you wouldn't normally find on a Titan set (boys, twinks, femmes, etc).

Photo Instructions: At the end of this application we are going to ask you to submit pictures of yourself. We need to see you. ALL of you. Yes ,that means nude with an erection. Grab a camera, find a big mirror, and take some photos in good lighting with no props, no posing and no make-up. You should attach your photos in a .jpg format and in a size no larger than 6" x 9" at 72 dpi.

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Partner Preferences Instructions: This section gives us an idea of the kind of men you are attracted to. Please be specific.

Sexual Interests and Experiences Instructions: This section gives us an idea of the things you like and don't like sexually. It also tells us how much experience you've had in front of the camera. Again, we want you to be honest, and don’t be afraid of saying something we’ve never heard before … really.

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Personal Information
Basic Information:
Contact Information:
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Physical Information:

Please list the airport codes that you are able to fly FROM:

Preferences: Activities
Please tell us what things you like and don't like to do. Please be honest.

1=It does nothing for you, 3=Neutral, 5=It gets you hot!

Getting Sucked:
Getting Rimmed:
Getting Fucked:

Please tell us what things you like in a sexual partner.

BODY TYPE: I am sexually attracted to:
No Preference
Partner Age Range:
Minimum: Maximum:
BODY HAIR: I am sexually attracted to:
Completely smooth
Mostly Smooth
Some Body Hair
VERY Hairy
No Preference
Additional Sexual Partner Information
ETHNICITY: I am sexually attracted to:
White / Caucasian
Black / African American
Latino / Hispanic
Sexual Interests and Experiences
Sexual Interests:
Fetish Experience:
Previous Video Work:
Previous Studios Worked:
Please attach images for the following views:
(photos should NOT be greater than 1MB in size )

Full frontal nude from head to toe
Full rear from head to toe
Full side view with a hard on
Close up front face shot
Close up profile face shot

Please understand, it is IMPORTANT that you attach the type of pictures requested above. These help us see what you're going to look like when you show up on set. You'll have the opportunity to submit professionally produced photos at a later date.
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Once submitted: Once your application has been successfully submitted, you will get an email confirmation that we have received your application. If you do not get this confirmation within 24 hours, please feel free to contact us.

Submitting Your Application
We look forward to reviewing your application . . .